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Our new normal - social distancing

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Courtney Cressey's show opening last month was the last public event at Tidal Art Centre since social distancing became our new normal. There was a great turnout and it is a fantastic show of an amazing man's life of art - an incredible talent.

Theo Angell did an great job of video interviews of Court. We ran these at the opening, but the crowded situation made it a bit difficult to hear and see. So if you are interested let us know and we can figure something out when get-togethers are considered safe again.The show is still up and we are willing to have single household members in to view it with precautionary measures by prior arrangement as Courtney's relatives were unable to make it up for the opening as were a few others who contacting us. Email to We are being very restrictive on this but it is a rare opportunity.

(Photos of Courtney Cressey opening by Kim Beno; photo of painting and of Courtney with his beloved bike are by Nancy Jeakins.)



From impromptu sessions starting on the deck, to dance parties and arranged evenings such as one we had early last month which included Janine on harp, Stephanie on upright bass, Prash on keyboard, Catalin on guitar, Josiane cameo-ing on percussion and Michael visiting from Toronto on horn. It was so much fun and something we would like to encourage and continue. Claudia (DJ Minerva) - was amazing fun and everyone was on their feet moving to her latin-based tune selections.

We now have a piano and Prash has been doing live sessions on Facebook with people from all over the world tuning in!


Two Introduction to Working on the Wheel classes with Shivaun Gingras have completed but students haven't been able to return to either have a group critique or to pick up their work. It was an outstanding group of beginners with amazing results.

Both the April and May introductory pottery wheel classes are postponed until it is considered safe to hold them. And kids classes covering pinch pots, coil pots, sculpture (farm animals and dinosaurs) and an intro to the wheel will also start up when it is sensible to do so.

And Kerensa Haynes taught an Oil Painting class using traditional methods. A small but creative class with helpful skills learned.

Thus, all upcoming activities have been cancelled or postponed till the time is right.


Our Artist in Residence Stephanie Dueck's show of her blacksmithing work - both functional and art - will hopefully be up in the near future.

(Photos above are by Stephanie Dueck, except for "Olive fork", by Nancy Jeakins.)

Artist in Residence Diane Haynes has departed and did not get a chance to do any readings or workshops.

Prashant Miranda is back as Artist in Residence at Tidal Art Centre and has just completed illustrating a children's book for the Idries Shah Foundation and an amazing map of the Tidal Art Centre.


More interesting workshops and classes are planned. We have a group show planned with local artists, which will hopefully go ahead this summer. We would also like to also have a photography show and workshops (nothing definite on this as yet).

For now, spring gardens are starting to bloom and our garden bed foundations are almost all in place. We hope to see you soon and please contact us with your ideas for shows/events/workshops. Stay healthy. Keep safe.


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