Jackie Frioud is a BC potter known for her functional, salt-fired pottery. She lives in North Vancouver and makes her work at her studio in East Van but she is fortunate to have her salt-kiln at the Tidal Art Centre. Jackie brings her bisqued pots to Lund several times a year to fire them in the propane-fired kiln that she and her crew built in 2017.


She says, "Building the kiln and coming up to fire has introduced me to a wonderful community of makers and workers, and passionate Sunshine Coast locals and visitors. I love my 5 day stints, feeling like I'm becoming part of the art centre and the Lund community. I've been able to share the experience with old friends and new and it's been better than I could have imagined. I look forward to seeing the evolution of this fabulous place. I can't thank Nancy enough for giving me and my kiln a new home."


Most of Jackie's work is thrown on the wheel, and is characterized by strong, clean forms and earthy colours of rust and indigo and grey, enhanced by the luscious salt-glaze surface and texture. Jackie received the Award of Excellence from the Northwest Ceramics Foundation in 2018. She has participated in many shows and her work is widely recognized and collected. Visit jackiefrioud.com for more information.

STEPHANIE DUECK - blacksmithing

Stephanie is working with the art of blacksmithing - working with functional and artistic metalwork to produce smalls like chopsticks, spoons and large pieces such as her current collaborative work with a dance group in Vancouver. 


Diane is working on a  novel which is based on Cedar.  Cedar is about connections from the Cedars of Lebanon to the West Coast cedar and their stories. She is trying her hand at wheel throwing in her spare time.

PRASHANT MIRANDA - artist/illustrator

Prashant is an artist/illustrator.  He is working on many things as always but concentrating on his current book, as well as continuing his practice of creating beautiful art in his journals. 

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