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This is a space for artists to be in their zone and fulfill their artistic expressions. Surrounded by beauty, this is a sacred setting to connect with Nature, Spirit and Art. The Tidal Art Centre is a place where you can focus on your art and share it with the community and other artists. This is where you can plant a seed and spark artistic bravery and passion.



  • This is a practice-based residency. It is all about doing.

  • Community interaction. It is important that during this residency that you interact with nature and the people who reside in this environment.

  • Sharing. The act of sharing your space and time with like-minded individuals.

  • Multi-Dimensional/Cultural/Media. The blending together of ideas, communities and mediums in a positive, hopeful, creative way.

  • Shows and Events. Bringing the artistic community together by engaging with your work. This could be by exhibitions, presentations, lectures, workshops, concerts etc.

  • Bringing public together. The goal being to inspire others.

  • We are looking for artists who are creative, and who are open to embracing all people of all types.

  • Artists who are interactive and participate in giving back to the community and some form of service to the Tidal Art Centre.




  1. Send us a proposal of what you want to accomplish at the Tidal Art Centre in approx. 500 words. Email your proposal to:

  2. How would you like to share your work with the community?

  3. The residency is a shared space. There will be other artists working in various studios at different times. Materials might need to be accessed in your studio area.

  4. What is your preferred time frame. Minimum 2 weeks, maximum 2 months. Please send us 3 options of dates that would work for you.

  5. There may be workshops, exhibitions and classes that would be happening during your residency, that we can work around once we have your dates.

  6. This is not a funded residency. Our rates are partially subsidized. You can also seek financial assistance through grants or other means.

  7. Please send us images of your work, and links to websites/blogs to peruse through.

  8. What equipment would you require during your residency? If we can accommodate you, we will.

  9. Unless you are applying with a partner, Tidal Art Centre Residency is a solitary work/art experience, and children and pets are not permitted.

Download this information in PDF format:

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