The printmaking studio at Tidal Art Centre has a printing press and large work surfaces. Tools, substrates, inks and paper are available. Explore various methods and techniques.

Create during weekend or weeklong workshop with a chance to show your work at a mini gallery 'opening'.



With BRIGITTE POTTER-MAEL & EWARD FU-CHEN JUAN | Sat. & Sun., October 17 & 18, 1 to 5 pm

$120 per person, materials included. Maximum 6 participants.

This is a 2 day hands-on workshop of foraged plant-based ink extraction for monotype printmaking.


Participants will go on a guided foraging walk to identify and collect plant materials suitable for ink extraction.  After the walk, we will demonstrate and instruct the ink making process. Participants will be asked to prepare sketches on paper for day two.


We will instruct the process of monotype printmaking with the plant-based inks participants have created from day one. Each person will transfer their sketch to their print matrix onto the art paper. Everyone will walk away with their own art prints and their own print matrix. 


There will be time for sharing of experiences at the end of the workshop.

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