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What's up at Tidal Art: June 2020 and beyond

Tidal Jam, June 2020

Tidal recently had an outside music jam.

Hopefully, as health and safety concerns are reduced we will have more music events with listeners as well as players. For now, Finn Bay echoed with the amazing sounds of these musicians playing together. Thanks to Pierre (violin), Maggie (flute and vocals), Bob (drums), Ron (keyboard), Sheila (guitar, keyboard and vocals), Stephanie (double bass), Janine (harp), Carston (accordion), Simon (banjo), Catalin (guitar), Jet (drumbox), Prash (keyboard, guitar and vocals), Ali (keyboard), and there were several pocket “harps” of course.

Thank you thank you for sharing the fun and sounds!


Life Drawing

We had our first life drawing class at Tidal Art Centre on June 16. With 8 participants plus a model, we were able to maintain social distancing and have a great time. We will try to have these sessions bi-monthly whenever the space is available. In other words, the room we use is a classroom, a gallery AND an event space!


Private instruction

We know many artists happy to give private instruction. Give us a call if you have something you are interested in pursuing. Some of the artists who are currently available for private instruction are:

  • Shivaun Gingras - all things clay

  • Kerensa Haynes - painting, drawing etc

  • Barbara Langmaid - painting, drawing

  • Prashant Miranda - journal keeping, watercolour, drawing

We strongly believe in sharing and learning. Powell River is full of amazing artists, many of whom love to show others their techniques and share tips. We’d love to pair you up!


Artists in Residence

Our artist in residence program will continue with Annie Robinson and Joshua Degroot in mid July.

Hope to see you soon.


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