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Art by Prashant Miranda



Jackie Frioud is a BC potter known for her functional, salt-fired pottery. She lives in North Vancouver and makes her work at her studio in East Van but she is fortunate to have her salt-kiln at the Tidal Art Centre. Jackie brings her bisqued pots to Lund several times a year to fire them in the propane-fired kiln that she and her crew built in 2017.


Most of Jackie's work is thrown on the wheel, and is characterized by strong, clean forms and earthy colours of rust and indigo and grey, enhanced by the luscious salt-glaze surface and texture. Jackie received the Award of Excellence from the Northwest Ceramics Foundation in 2018. She has participated in many shows and her work is widely recognized and collected. Visit for more information.

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STEFANIE DUECK - blacksmithing

Reflecting my experiences in art, craft and industry, I strive to use traditional metalworking techniques in unconventional ways. With both functional and sculptural pieces I am driven by process and an experimental spirit. Explorations with metal have taken me from the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, BC, to an apprenticeship in Southern Spain, a scholarship at the Center for Metal Arts in Pennsylvania, and over a decade of independent practice in Vancouver. I relocated to the Powell River region in January 2020, and am looking forward to feeling how my new community will influence my work.



Diane is working on a  novel which is based on Cedar.  Cedar is about connections from the Cedars of Lebanon to the West Coast cedar and their stories. She is trying her hand at wheel throwing in her spare time.


PRASHANT MIRANDA - artist/illustrator

Prashant is an artist/illustrator.  He is working on many things as always but concentrating on his current book, as well as continuing his practice of creating beautiful art in his journals. 



ANNIE ROBINSON: I am a painter and textile artist. My work articulates place and expresses landscape, drawing attention to the magic of a natural scene through a simple, flowing visual language. I use lots of different materials: acrylic and watercolor paint, naturally dyed textiles, anything I can find in the forest by my house and foraged color.


JOSHUA DEGROOT: I am a multidisciplinary artist living in Powell River. My work colourfully expresses places and objects that deserve to be suspended in time. I find myself painting mundanely beautiful things. A tangled garden, dinner preparations, a certain bend in the path; these call to me to be held as eternal moments.


JAMIE SMITH, pen & ink drawings

Jamie creates large intricate drawings in black pen and ink. Her work includes florals, dark pools, archways and paths - each symbolizing her journey to understand fate and ultimate destiny. The work is a meditation on life's purpose and a realization on how little control we have in this wonderful world. Jamie's motto is “Do The Work” and she believes community is essential to a successful creative practice. In 2013, she started ROVE, an art walk in Mount Pleasant and in 2015 she founded THRIVE Art Studio, a global community of artists. Jamie went to art school at the University of Victoria and has been a practicing artist in Vancouver for seven years.



Rebecca’s paintings are inspired by her love of all things mysterious and fantastic. Her work immerses us in surreal versions of the world, places that waver just outside of our perception. Hovering crystals, palatial icebergs, mysterious caves, and psychedelic gardens make up some of the images found in each painting series. Rebecca graduated from Emily Carr University in 2002. She is a two-time recipient of Canada Council Awards and her work is exhibited/collected internationally. In 2014 she published a picture book of her artwork called Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School. She currently lives and works in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver.


BRIGITTE POTTER-MAEL, printmaking & more

Brigitte has lived and worked  between Canada and Europe since 1977. Her academic training included printmaking, drawing, papermaking and multi-media art at Concordia University, Montreal (BFA 1983). She has been an active member of the Malaspina Printmakers since 1990, where she has created works in stone lithography and from wooden matrices. 

Brigitte’s show at Tidal says it all “How to be a Humanist”. She lovingly tells us the story of grasses and plants and dyeing that beautiful paper. And celebrating the nature and the connection to it in our lives. 

Much of the artist’s work has been shown in solo- and group-exhibitions in Canada and abroad. She has been a recipient of various grants and stipends from Canada Council for the Arts Ottawa;  Ministry of cultural Affairs Quebec; Banff Centre for the Arts;  Goethe Institute Vancouver; the Kulturamt Dresden; Rosa Luxemburg Institute, Berlin; PinacotecaVitulano, Italy; Altos de Chavon Artist Colony, Dominican Republic.

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