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Tidal Art Centre up and running!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Tidal Art Centre is getting going with many exciting things on the horizon. Slowly but surely we will be busy busy busy in the studios. Remarkable artist Jamie Evrard came up last weekend. We had a delightful time and she showed me the ropes - printmaking on the gorgeous French American Tool Company Press which Tidal Art Centre bought from her.

That was an exciting move! We each had to take out a wall to get the lovely beast from her studio in Vancouver to its new home in the printmaking studio in Lund. So much fun for me printing on it for the first time with her direction. And so much fun exploring and enjoying the delights of Powell River with Jamie.

We are excited to host Prashant Miranda as artist in residence for May and June.

He is a muralist, animator, book illustrator, watercolour and sketchbook artist extraordinaire and so many other things. He will be offering some amazing workshops. We will keep you posted as dates are confirmed. Some possibilities include visual journal keeping, watercolours, and travel journals. He loves to cook and has even suggested he might cook up an Indian feast.

The fabulous Heather Aston will be teaching a 4 1/2 day workshop printmaking workshop “The Painterly Print”. 

Students will explore both watercolour and oil based monotypes, lift print, chine collé, and layering techniques. Students will receive individual attention regarding drawing, painting and composition and learn to print using a manual press. The dates for this workshop will be April 24th through to the 28th. The class will be small so let us know via email or phone if you want us to hold a place for you. Online registration is planned soon, just not quite there yet.

Jackie Frioud has another firing planned in her salt-kiln here at Tidal in the kiln shed. Each firing seems to have more beautiful and magical pieces emerging than the last. Looking forward to seeing the pieces emerge. The firing process lasts a few days. She will be starting to load on February 23rd and if you’d like to visit just call or email ahead to arrange it.

Had an inspiring exhibition planning meeting with the folks at The Art Centre, Powell River Public Art Gallery. They have so many exciting shows and events, classes planned in the next few months. Definitely worth keeping them on your radar.

So things are falling into place. Sinks are plumbed, equipment arriving steadily. We still need to get some equipment and I would rather find it here in Powell River or nearby rather that hauling it up here or buying new. If you know of anyone who has art equipment languishing away in their studio - let me know!

We are not always in the studio and sometimes we are very busy and focused on projects and so would rather not be disturbed, but we would love to see you. Please just call ahead or let us know if you’d like to visit. or 604-414-5954 Looking forward to seeing you! 


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