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Conversation / Installation

with Heidi Nagtegaal

Opening June 9 @ 6pm, exhibition runs June 10-16th.

Upstairs Tidal Art Centre, Salon gallery.

Heidi Nagtegaal invites you to join them in an immersive knit and crochet based installation, which incorporates work they've made over the last 20 years. You will be asked to put on full body outfits that Heidi has knit and crocheted which automatically makes you part of the installation. We would then sit in the installation, and have conversations about the topics that come up for you. With your permission, Heidi would videotape these conversations to edit and use in future video works.

Private conversations / performances: 10am - noon.

To participate, email Heidi at to sign up for these conversations.

Open hours 1-4pm, sculptures will be able to be interacted with.


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