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Salt Firing Workshop with Jackie Frioud 

Dates: 07/05 - 07/09

Salt Firing Workshop


Enjoy expert instruction in the Kiln Shed with award winning BC potter Jackie Frioud. Your fee includes: 2 studio sessions with Jackie at her Vancouver studio (in June, dates tbd) for slipping, and bisque-firing green ware/then glazing and packing; and instructional time in the Kiln Shed at Tidal Art Centre as described below--


Day 1 in Lund:  arriving and loading kiln

Day 2:  firing and throwing demo

Day 3:  continuing demo and free time

Day 4: optional excursion (hiking, swimming, boating , sightseeing – tbd)

Day 5: unloading and departure

Lund Intinerary (estimated):

Fri Jul 5, 2pm - 8pm

Sat Jul 6, 10am-10pm

Sun Jul 7, 10am-1pm

Tue Jul 9, 8am-2pm


Participants will need to bring cone 10 pots filling approx. 2 cubic feet.  Jackie is planning for each person to have 2  - 12" x 24” shelves worth of work, some of which will be on the two top shelves.  The work on the top can be taller than 5' or 6”.  


Clay can be any cone 10 clay. Jackie's preference Is B Mix with sand, into which she wedges a small amount of dark cone 10 clay for richer reds.  Jackie advises not to use a dark clay on its own unless you want a very dark brown and suggests porcelain can be nice if you’re after a smooth, glossy surface. Keep in mind that for the best orange peel, it’s good to use a clay with some tooth.


Let Jackie know if you need clay – she can make a trip to Greenbarn.

​$475 per person (please note: accommodation for this workshop is not included in the fee and can be arranged with Jackie, please contact her by email, ).


Deposit of $100 due by March 30th.

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